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Accepted Papers

Research track accepted papers:

Full papers:

  • A Comparison of Performance Specialization Learning for Configurable Systems by Hugo Martin, Mathieu Acher, Juliana Alves Pereira and Jean-Marc Jézéquel.
  • A Machine Learning Model to Classify the Feature Model Maintainability by Publio Silva, Carla Bezerra and Ivan Machado
  • Capturing the diversity of analyses on the Linux kernel variability by Johann Mortara and Philippe Collet
  • From Pairwise to Family-based Generic Analysis of Delta-Oriented Model-Driven SPLs by Christopher Pietsch, Udo Kelter and Timo Kehrer
  • Incremental Construction of Modal Implication Graphs for Evolving Feature Models by Sebastian Krieter, Rahel Arens, Michael Nieke, Chico Sundermann, Tobias Heß, Thomas Thüm and Christoph Seidl
  • Monte Carlo Tree Search for Feature Model Analyses: a General Framework for Decision-Making by José Miguel Horcas Aguilera, José A. Galindo, Ruben Heradio, David Fernandez-Amoros and David Benavides
  • On Reducing the Energy Consumption of Software Product Lines by Edouard Guegain, Clément Quinton and Romain Rouvoy
  • Safety, Security, and Configurable Software Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study by Andy Kenner, Richard May, Jacob Krüger, Gunter Saake and Thomas Leich
  • The Interplay of Compile-time and Run-time Options for Performance Prediction by Luc Lesoil, Mathieu Acher, Xhevahire Tërnava, Arnaud Blouin and Jean-Marc Jézéquel
  • Variability Modules for Java-like Languages by Ferruccio Damiani, Reiner Hähnle, Eduard Kamburjan, Michael Lienhardt and Luca Paolini
  • Yet Another Textual Variability Language? A Community Effort Towards a Unified Language by Chico Sundermann, Kevin Feichtinger, Dominik Engelhardt, Rick Rabiser and Thomas Thüm

Short papers:

  • A Proposal for Organizing Source Code Variability in the Git Version Control System by Junior Cupe Casquina and Leonardo Montecchi
  • Bridging the Gap: Voices from Industry and Research on Industrial Relevance of SPLC by Klaus Schmid, Rick Rabiser, Martin Becker, Matthias Galster, Iris Groher and Danny Weyns
  • Evaluating Recommender Systems in Feature Model Configuration by Mathias Uta, Alexander Felfernig, Viet-Man Le, Andrei Popescu, Thi Ngoc Trang Tran and Denis Helic
  • FeatureVista: Interactive Feature Visualization by Alexandre Bergel, Razan Ghzouli, Thorsten Berger and Michel R. V. Chaudron

Industrial track accepted papers:

  • Variability Realization in Model-based System Engineering using Software Product Lines Techniques: An Industrial Perspective by Andreas Schaefer, Florian Rohlf, Martin Becker, Markus Andres and Tim Kistenfeger
  • Over 20 years of Industrial Experience Sharing at SPLC: a Systematic Mapping Study by Maider Azanza, Leticia Montalvillo Mendizabal and Oscar Diaz
  • The architectural divergence problem in security and privacy of eHealth IoT product lines by Oleksandr Tomashchuk, Dimitri Van Landuyt and Wouter Joosen

Challenge cases track accepted papers:

Challenge case papers:

  • Variability Fault Localization: A Benchmark by Kien-Tuan Ngo, Thu-Trang Nguyen, Son Nguyen and Hieu Vo Dinh
  • Managing Systems Evolving in Space and Time: Four Challenges for Maintenance, Evolution and Composition of Variants by Gabriela Karoline Michelon, David Obermann, Wesley K. G. Assunção, Lukas Linsbauer, Paul Grünbacher and Alexander Egyed

Challenge solution papers:

  • Spectrum-Based Feature Localization: A Case Study using ArgoUML by Gabriela Karoline Michelon, Bruno Sotto-Mayor, Jabier Martinez, Aitor Arrieta, Rui Abreu and Wesley Klewerton Guez Assunção
  • On the Scalability of Building Binary Decision Diagrams for Current Feature Models by Tobias Heß, Chico Sundermann and Thomas Thüm

Workshop accepted papers:

  • Integration of UVL in FeatureIDE by Chico Sundermann, Tobias Heß, Dominik Engelhardt, Rahel Arens, Johannes Herschel, Kevin Jedelhauser, Benedikt Jutz, Sebastian Krieter and Ina Schaefer (Accepted at MODEVAR)
  • How flexible must a Transformation Approach for Variability Models and Custom Variability Representations be? by Kevin Feichtinger and Rick Rabiser (Accepted at MODEVAR)
  • Optimisation for the Product Configuration System of Renault: Towards an Integration of Symmetries by Hao Xu, Souheib Baarir, Tewfik Ziadi, Lom Messan Hillah, Siham Essodaigui and Yves Bossu (Accepted at MODEVAR)
  • A first prototype of a new repository for feature model exchange and knowledge sharing by David Romero, José Ángel Galindo, José Miguel Horcas and David Benavides (Accepted at MODEVAR)
  • Towards Heterogeneous Multi-Dimensional Variability Modeling in Cyber-Physical Production Systems by Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Kevin Feichtinger, Lisa Sonnleithner, Rick Rabiser and Alois Zoitl (Accepted at VariVolution)
  • Iterative Development and Changing Requirements: Drivers of Variability in an Industrial System for Veterinary Anesthesia by Elias Kuiter, Jacob Krüger and Gunter Saake (Accepted at VariVolution)
  • Automated Derivation of Variants in Manufacturing Systems Design by Gökhan Kahraman and Loek Cleophas (Accepted at VM4ModernTech)
  • Transfer Learning for Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms supporting Dynamic Software Product Lines by Joaquin Ballesteros and Lidia Fuentes (Accepted at VM4ModernTech)
  • Product-Lining the Elinvar WealthTech Microservice Platform by Marcus Pinnecke (Accepted at VM4ModernTech)
  • A Reusable Set of Real-World Product Line Case Studies for Comparing Variability Models in Research and Practice by Kristof Meixner, Kevin Feichtinger, Rick Rabiser and Stefan Biffl (Accepted at WEESR)
  • Extending the Identification of Object-Oriented Variability Implementations using Usage Relationships by Johann Mortara, Xhevahire Tërnava, Philippe Collet and Anne-Marie Déry (Accepted at REVE)
  • Product-Line Analysis Cookbook: A Classification System for Complex Analysis Toolchains by David Morais Ferreira, Vasil Tenev and Martin Becker (Accepted at REVE)

Journal first track accepted papers:

  • Empirical software product line engineering: A systematic literature review by Ana Eva Chacón-Luna, Antonio Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez, José A. Galindo and David Benavides
  • Automated Model-based Performance Analysis of Software Product Lines under Uncertainty – Extended Abstract by Paolo Arcaini, Omar Inverso and Catia Trubiani
  • Extended Abstract: ProDSPL: Proactive Self-Adaptation based on Dynamic Software Product Lines by Inmaculada Ayala, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Mercedes Amor and Lidia Fuentes

Demo and Tools Track accepted papers:

  • Static Analysis and Family-based Model Checking of Featured Transition Systems with VMC by Maurice H. ter Beek, Franco Mazzanti, Ferruccio Damiani, Luca Paolini, Giordano Scarso, Michele Valfrè and Michael Lienhardt
  • HAnS: IDE-Based Editing Support for Embedded Feature Annotations by Johan Martinson, Herman Jansson, Mukelabai Mukelabai, Thorsten Berger, Alexandre Bergel and Truong Ho-Quang
  • AutoSMP: An Evaluation Platform for Sampling Algorithms by Tobias Pett, Sebastian Krieter, Thomas Thüm, Malte Lochau and Ina Schaefer
  • BURST: Benchmarking Uniform Random Sampling Tools by Mathieu Acher, Gilles Perrouin and Maxime Cordy
  • A spaCy-based tool for extracting variability from NL requirements by Alessandro Fantechi, Stefania Gnesi, Samuele Livi and Laura Semini

Doctoral Symposium accepted papers:

  • A Flexible Approach for Transforming Variability Models by Kevin Feichtinger
  • LIFTS: Learning Featured Transition Systems by Sophie Fortz
  • Consistent Management of Variability in Space and Time by Sofia Ananieva
  • STARS: Software Technology for Adaptable and Reusable Systems by Edilton Santos

Tutorial track accepted papers:

  • Describing Variability with Domain-Specific Languages and Models by Juha-Pekka Tolvanen and Steven Kelly
  • How I Met Your Implemented Variability: Identification in Object-Oriented Systems with symfinder by Johann Mortara and Philippe Collet
  • PRICES: Towards Web-Based Product Lines Generator by Maya R.A. Setyautami, Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah and Ade Azurat
  • Requirements-driven Reuse Recommendation by Muhammad Abbas, Mehrdad Saadatmand and Eduard Paul Enoiu
  • Reuse for Mass Personalisation Through Feature Models and Similarities by Mike Mannion and Hermann Kaindl
  • Static Analysis and Family-based Model Checking with VMC by Maurice H. ter Beek, Franco Mazzanti, Ferruccio Damiani, Luca Paolini, Giordano Scarso and Michael Lienhardt
  • Variability Realization in UML/SysML Models by Martin Becker and Andreas Schaefer



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