Dear SPLC’21 participant, please read the following instructions carefully prior to starting the registration process in the link at the bottom of the page.

Registration fees in British Pounds

The registration to the conference will grant you access to all the events associated to SPLC’21.

Type of fee (in BRITISH POUNDS)Early Registration
(Before July 23, 2021)
Late Registration
(After July 23, 2021)
Speaker£ 50.00£ 100.00
Non-speaker (six categories shown below)
ACM member (student or professional) with current valid membershipFreeFree
Professional Non-ACM member (Conference Only)£ 25.00£ 35.00
Professional Non-ACM member (Workshops Only)£ 15.00£ 25.00
Professional Non-ACM member (Conference + Workshops)£ 30.00£ 40.00
Student Non-ACM member (Conference Only)£ 10.00£ 15.00
Student Non-ACM member (Workshops Only)£ 10.00£ 15.00
Student Non-ACM member (Conference + Workshops)£ 10.00£ 15.00

🥇Golden rule: Each accepted paper in the following tracks must have exactly one registration of type “Speaker”:

  • Research
  • Industry
  • Challenge cases
  • Challenge solutions
  • Contributions to workshops (VM4ModernTech, VariVolution, REVE, MODEVAR,  WEESR)
  • Journal first
  • Demonstrations and tools
  • Tutorial

If you are not a member of ACM, we strongly advise you to look at the membership options and their prices and, if it is convenient to you, become a member before you register. Please consult the options in the following link:

Registration example

This section presents a fictitious scenario to illustrate the registration process.

Sally is a professor and ACM member whose group got 3 papers accepted (in the tracks named above) which she co-authored as follows:

  • Paper 7, with John (student ACM member).
  • Paper 11, with Lisa (student non-ACM member) and Mark (student non-ACM member). 
  • Paper 13, with Matt (a professional ACM member) and Jane (a professional non-ACM member). 

Notice that 3 registrations of “Speaker” type are required. Assuming that all will attend and that they pay before the Early deadline, an option that minimizes the registration of their collective fees is:

  • Sally registers for Paper 13 for which she will pay £ 50.
  • John registers for Paper 7 for which he will pay £ 50.
  • Lisa registers Paper 11, for which she will pay £ 50. Mark decides to save some money and becomes an ACM member before registration, thus his registration fees are £ 0.00 (free).
  • Matt registers as an ACM member, thus his fees are £ 0.00 (free). Jane registers as a professional non-ACM member, her fees will be £ 25.00.


Registration for Workshops, Tutorials, and Doctoral Symposium

The registration to SPLC’21 is all-inclusive. Nonetheless, we ask you to please indicate the tutorials and workshops that you plan to attend. This information will help us to configure the conference platform to better suit the needs of the activities.

Registering as Speaker type — Specification of Your Papers 

For this type of registration, you will be asked to indicate the paper that you are registering and their EasyChair ID number and title. For the latter, there will be a free-format textbox. As a paper could have more than one ID associated with it, please use the lowest value.

Registering as an ACM member — Membership Validity Check

Registration in both categories of ACM member (student and professional) requires a valid membership. Cvent, the registration management system of ACM, will check the membership against the forwarding email address stored in the member’s record. Thus for SPLC’21 registration please enter the forwarding address of your ACM membership.

For example, if Sally’s ACM email address is and her forwarding email address is Thus, Sally must use her email address for her registration to SPLC’21.

Tip: To make sure everything is OK with your ACM forwarding address, you can send yourself an email to your account and check that it is forwarded correctly.

ATTENTION!!! Please be aware that the first choice that you will make in the registration process is to select between ACM Member Registration and Non-Member Registration. Hence, please select ACM Member Registration option only when you are not creating a registration of “Speaker” type.

Registering as Student Non-ACM Member — Student Status Proof

If you are not a member of ACM and want to register as a student, you will be required to upload a proof of your student status. Examples of valid proofs are a picture of your student ID card or an official letter from your advisor or university explicitly stating that you are a student. You can use any standard file format such as PDF or JPG, with a maximum file size of 10MB


Payment method

Cvent provides a secure electronic payment system. The payment methods accepted for SPLC registration are credit card and wire transfer. Please make sure you have all the information at hand that your bank may request to process your electronic transactions.


What happens after I register?

Cvent will send a confirmation and invoice email with your registration details. Once your registration is verified by our team, we will send you an email with the link and details to access the conference. It should take not more than two working days to receive our email after your registration.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations with full refund will be accepted until September 1st AoE. Afterward, no cancellations will be processed. This does not apply to the “Speaker” registration type: no refunds are offered for Speakers.


Call for Student Volunteers

SPLC 2021 is an excellent opportunity for students to meet and talk with leading academic or industrial researchers and practitioners in the area of systems and software product lines. This exclusive experience is available to undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world who are enthusiastic and willing to contribute to make SPLC 2021 a unique experience for all attendees. For more information, please visit our Call for Student Volunteers page.

Ready to Register?

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Got Questions?

Please write to d.damasceno<at> and h.araujo<at> with the subject line “SPLC2021 Questions” if you have any questions, need more guidance for your particular circumstances, or encounter any problems during your registration.